Registrations for both three and four year old preschool are managed centrally by Mornington Peninsula Council.

Mornington Peninsula Council Contact Details

Phone: 03 5950 1000

Email: kindergarten@mornpen.vic.gov.au

3 year olds: Children may not attend preschool until they have turned 3. Those children who turn 3 by April 30th may attend after their birthday, or alternatively wait until the next calendar year to enrol. 

4 year olds: Children must turn 4 years by April 30th in the year they attend Preschool.


Free Three- and Four-Year-Old Kinder will be available across Victoria at participating services in 2024 at both long day care and sessional (standalone) services.

Free Kinder means more Victorian children can have the best start in life, no matter where they live:

  • For three-year-olds, this means from 5 and up to 15 hours per week of a kindergarten program, Bittern Preschool is offering 10 hours per week (400 hours a year)
  • For four-year-olds, this means 15 hours per week (600 hours a year) 

Participating kindergarten programs will receive funding directly from the Victorian Government, so families are not out of pocket (and don’t have to claim the savings back).