Welcome to Bittern Preschool.

Welcome to Bittern Preschool, a centre that was opened in 1992. In 2020 we are offering groups of 4 year olds, and one group of three year olds. The Preschool year is a very happy, exciting and rewarding time for your child and your family.

Preschool provides your child with the opportunity to freely socialise, explore feelings about themselves, experiment and be wonderfully creative, all within a safe and comfortable setting. Your child will be encouraged to contribute to, and participate in both group activities and individual ones. By sharing their experiences, they begin to develop a positive self-esteem and at the same time begin to develop an appreciation of the contributions others can make.

A child who has been eased into Preschool is well on the way to feeling confident and independent, which is great preparation for future steps in their learning. The variety of interesting experiences provided at Preschool cover the different areas of a young child’s development. While a child is involved in an activity they are developing their social skills and concepts about the world in which they are a part – such as shape, size, weight, colour, etc. As they learn and play in a group environment, they practice the skills of being patient, listening to another’s contribution, sharing their own ideas and most of all… HAVING FUN!

The Preschool year is also a wonderful opportunity for you, the parents, to participate and contribute at various levels. You will make friendships with other families and enjoy knowing that you belong to and are an important member of the Preschool community.