Fundraising is an integral part of the Preschool year. It makes a large and essential contribution towards covering the running costs that our Preschool incurs over the period of a year. Money raised from fundraising activities goes towards purchasing new toys and equipment for your child’s use, replacing older items and general amenities.

From time to time, notices will come home with your children from the Fundraising Committee with details of coming events, so please take a moment to read them.

Not only do fundraising activities benefit the Kinder financially, but they are great fun for parents, children and families. Some of the great activities families participated in during the year were:

  • Easter Raffle
  • Tea Towels
  • Melamine Plates
  • Bunnings BBQ
  • Trivia Night

A Fundraising Officer, elected to be on the committee at the Annual General Meeting, works with a fundraising sub-committee and is responsible for drawing up a yearly plan of fundraising activities.